1. G

    Moving toilet over one joist- question about elbows

    Looking to move a 3" waste drain over to the 21-22" mark shown in the first image so it's not so close to the wall. 2nd floor, no waste above this level. Plan to elbow through the 2x10, and then back up to the toilet. A street elbow and a two hub elbow puts the flange about where I'd want it...
  2. ShopTalk

    Stubborn Clog Removal

    This thread is for discussions on how to remove stubborn drain clogs that have not responded to typical consumer grade chemical and mechanical solutions such as plungers, hand operated snakes 8 to 10 feet in length, and common brand name chemical drain openers, e.g. Drano, Green Gobbler, etc...
  3. U

    Head scratching clog

    I have had many clogs in my kitchen sink over the years. I am no plumber but this is the first one I can’t fix. I have double sinks with no garbage disposals. Water will not drain in either sink. I have tried plunging the daylights out of them, liquid plumber, baking soda and vinegar, a gallon...
  4. J

    The 1 in a million?

    Hi there, So, I'm beginning to think that I'm experiencing a one in a million situation.... Lol. Here's what we are up against.... Hopefully SOMEONE out there has had a similar situation... We just moved in to a mobile home that was sitting vacant for 20+years. Drains were an issue from day...
  5. Margarett

    Frequent and extended gurgling in our powder room sink

    We must have a partial clog in our plumbing, but we cannot determine where. We’ve been living in our house for 24 years; the house itself is about 100 years old. Even before we started experiencing our current problem w/ our first-floor sinks a little over a year ago, our powder-room sink would...
  6. Archmike2021

    New Toto Keeps Clogging on large stools

    Hey Everyone! After reading through a bunch of posts on here I decided to swap my half bath toilet for a Toto Drake 1.28gal with the cefiontect glaze because it sounded like Toto toilets rarely clog. Well somehow after only having the toilet for 2 weeks my wife has somehow clogged it twice. My...
  7. seeker407

    Drain WM (w/ air gap) to kitchen sink or tub?

    Greetings, I have two ideas, seeking feedback: IDEA 1: drain WM into sink and monitor with 90 gallons of reserve capacity standing by IDEA 2: drain WM into 84 gallon tub... both ideas would use a mesh over the drain to prevent debris going down the drain. My questions: 1. Will I overflow my...
  8. Mattt1986

    New well point struck water...but ZERO gpm

    I am in northern Illinois and wanted to supplement my city water with an irrigation well. I decided to jet in a well point behind my house, since we live in a very marshy area and I know the water table is just a few feet down. I struck water about 6 feet down, and sunk the well point about 12...
  9. crazee_an

    How to remove grouted in shower drain cover

    First-time homeowner here. Our shower drain is clogged probably due to my long hair - also it is broken. We are really struggling to take out the shower drain cover - it almost seems like it is grouted in. Any suggestions on how to remove it?
  10. Michael Crivello

    Issue with Bathroom Sink Water Not Going down.

    Hi: I have a bathroom sink that's fully of dirty water that hasn't gone down for days and I've tried heavy-duty liquid to get it unclogged such as Liquid Fire and Liquid-Plumbr (Industrial Strenth Urgent Clear) with no results except to have the air full of toxic fumes. I live in a mobile home...
  11. Michael Crivello

    Plumbing Issue with Bathroom Tub

    I have some major plumbing issues. Everything from the toilet, to the kitchen sink to the bathroom sink, to the tub doesn't work. At this point I would be content with at least me bathroom tub plumbing working. I have tried Instant Power that supposedly dissolves "disuelve" Hair & Grease...
  12. SunRaye

    Clog in drain

    My toilet is currently clogged, tried a 3' snake and plunger and the clog won't budge however whenever I run water in the bathroom sink I get a gurgle/bubbling in the toilet. I understand these two can be connected so not sure if that should be any concern on a normal thing. My question is after...
  13. AlaskaTinker

    Tips for snaking tub that has cable-drive drain?

    I have a tub in a rental unit with a cable-driven drain plug that constantly clogs with hair. I'm wondering what the best way is to get a cable snake in there to clean it out? I can remove the cover/handle, but the metal plate behind the handle does not have a large enough opening to allow me to...
  14. RapaNui

    Downstairs Toilet Bubble Explosion, Floor Drain Overflows -No Apparent Clog in Plumbing or Vent Pipe

    Hi all, This past Summer we purchased our first house, a split-level from the 1960's. With this purchase we had the sewer line inspected by camera and cleaned a couple months after we moved in. Since we've had the house, the basement toilet splashes when upstairs toilet is flushed. These...
  15. Will Davidge

    How to I remove this tower drain?

    Hello everybody, So I have a clog in my tub drain and am perplexed as to how to remove the stop so I can snake it. I have what I believe is called a tower or standing waste drain. There is a knob in the tub that actuates an arm attached to a cylinder that blocks the drain when it is lowered...
  16. Tim Othy

    Ooops, there goes my snake

    Happy Holidays! Today I was enjoying a beautiful day golfing and came home to a clogged kitchen sink. I tried to snake (25ft manual) from under the sink, but no luck. No external clean out so went to the roof and sent snake down the air pipe (1 1/2"). Thought it had a stop, but nope, it just...
  17. DarkNova

    Standpipe used for HRV condensate getting clogged

    Hello, I have a standpipe in my basement which has a HRV and 2 minisplits draining condensate water into. So theoretically it should just be basically distilled condensate water going into the standpipe, and just dripping slowly down into it. The condensate tubing lines are only inserted a...
  18. MiamiBorn

    Shower riser clog caused by brown sediment in water?

    We have a almost total blockage in our shower riser. I noticed that the toilets have a reddish brown sediment in the bottom. I wonder what that is and if it can accumulate over 30 years and cause this blockage. We do have a water softener.
  19. Dprocket

    Please help this [not very smart] try hard.

    I'm at my wits end. We've lived in our house for about 15 years. 12 years ago I installed a tile floor and a new toilet and it's been working fine for all these years. Wife and 4 kids...this toilet gets a lot of action. About a week ago, my son peed in the toilet and flushed and it nearly...
  20. JD3263

    Main Sewer Line Clog

    Hello, I believe I have a clog in the main line and I'm hoping to get some advice regarding next steps. Symptoms: 1. Bathroom towards the back of the house - toilet won't flush and water is coming up through the tub drain. Running water in the bathroom sink also causes it to come through the...
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