bathroom drain line

  1. yeeew87

    Bathroom Sink Won't Drain

    We have only been living in this house a few months but have began to notice our bathroom sink won't drain (water sits in the sink and drains very very slowly). I have taken the trap off, it wasn't blocked but gave it a clean anyway. Still the same issue, all other drains in the house seem to...
  2. kcross57

    Leaking from both upstairs' bathrooms

    My home was built in 1978 and recently I found out that each time the toilets are flushed or water running in the sinks or showers from either bathroom (have two) upstairs, water is leaking down to the first floor. After finding watermarks on a wall downstairs inside my laundry closet and...
  3. Michael Crivello

    Plumbing Issues with Sinks (in bathroom and kitchen)

    I have been having a major plumbing issue for days. As far as I know it’s exclusive to my place and not existing with anybody else in the mobile home park I live in. Both the sink in the kitchen and the sink in the bathroom are clogged up with water. I have used 10 “Mr. Plumber” liquid bottles...
  4. Jacob

    Any problems with my drain plan

    I am remodeling master bath and want to make sure my drain plans are correct. I am mostly concerned with proper venting. The attached picture will give a general idea of my plans. The original drain is 3” cast iron. I plan to convert to 3” pvc with Fernco coupling. Then branch off of this with a...
  5. Rdel

    Connecting new 2nd story bath drain in crawlspace

    Hello. I am needing to tie in a new drain line coming from a new 2nd story bath as part of 2nd story addition project. The drain line from the 2nd story ends up in the crawl space and will meet the condition as shown in the photo. I have also drawn a simplified sketch showing what each line...
  6. Cody Lohse

    Attic full bath with wet vent - UPC

    Hello, This form is awesome so thanks for that. I am remodeling my 1938 1 1/2 story in MN and adding a bathroom with a Lav, WC and Shower. I've been going around in circles trying to get the plumbing for this bath figured out. I finally might have a solution but wanted to get some feedback if...
  7. Just Trying My Best

    Bathroom venting question

    I'm replumbing an existing basement bathroom that doesn't have vents. Does this diagram look right? 1. Can I add a shower vent to the end of the 3" main horizontal waste line just beyond where the 2" shower line meets it? Is this to code? 2. If the sink is vented, do I even need to add a...
  8. div

    Grout rinse water down the toilet

    I recently had a tile contractor redo some of my bathroom tiles and he dumped about half a bucket of the grout rinse water down my toilet. He did that before I could stop him, but now I'm worried I'm going to have drain clog issues. I poured down a couple of buckets of water down the toilet...
  9. dk4dk4

    Dual sink vanity conversion - drain advice

    Hi team, I'm converting my single vanity to a dual sink vanity. I have opened the wall to expose the existing plumbing, which has both a 2" stack and 1.5" arm coming off for the existing single sink drain (blue line is flow direction). Where the red tuck tape is (existing drain) it does NOT...
  10. moore1289

    Requesting help with plumbing layout for basement bathroom retrofit

    I'm adding a master bathroom to my basement. I've done some research on vent design but I feel like my design isn't as simple as it could be, so I was hoping you guys could review it. Could I somehow tie the shower drain into the toilet drain and vent them both together before tying into the...
  11. Bena2048

    How many bends can be in a tub drain?

    Im getting ready to run the drain for my basement bathroom but I'm concerned that I have too many turns in the tub drain. I had to start in the wrong direction in order to pick up a wall for a vent. Is this a problem, does it meet code? A second set of eyes on this would really be appreciated.
  12. Bena2048

    Is this DWV plumbing diagram routed and vented correctly?

    Hello, I've been working towards trying find the best way to route and vent this bathroom layout. I've been reading the code and checking examples and think I found a good way but I'm a novice and would like a sanity check before I start so that it passes inspection. My main concern is if I...
  13. bc85

    Unpermitted Basement Bathroom Construction

    Hi All, I have recently found myself in a bit of a jam. I purchased my house over 5 years ago and on the second week of owning the sewer backup'd and partially flooded the laundry room and basement bathroom. The damage was not extensive and it was cleaned up within the day thru our insurance. I...
  14. OldHousePlumbing

    Bathroom vent plan - will it work?

    Hi, I am gutting and re-doing a 2nd floor TINY bath in a very old house. I have mapped out the Drain/vent system for the 3 fixtures (shower, toilet, sink) all dumping into the common 6" cast iron waste stack. Here is the proposed sketch...
  15. The Old Maid

    Bathroom drain line problem: by process of elimination

    Toilet/sink/shower have one drain into septic tank. Day 1: clean water overflowed from toilet. No other symptoms. Used plunger. Some "air" sounds. Days 2-4: toilet failed to flush if used more than 2 times in a 12-hour period. Eventually subsided. Liquid drain cleaner worked once, then not at...
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