1. mkeenan

    Replacement 3 hole bath valves for 1950s home

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on replacing my bath valves and I'm not real sure where to start. I've actually already replaced these once 16 years ago, but the local parts store that I bought the parts from no longer sells them and I didn't keep the information. I'd like to replace the...
  2. M

    Bathroom issue?

    Hi, I did some drywall fixing in my closet and found this. It is the backside to my shower. What is this and is it concerning? It is at the floor. It is not wet. Do I need to remove the whole shower? Thanks
  3. Vladr

    Replacing CI main line with PVC - need advice

    Good morning! Been following for ages, but this is my first post, since I'm in a bit of a pickle and the clock is ticking... Some background: I'm having someone dig up the old rat slab in our 1920 2-storey home's basement early next week, and then pour a new 4" slab a few inches...
  4. WoodchuckDIY

    Master Suite Bath Drain Advice - Tub and Bath Separate

    Hello All! I've been perusing the forums (and much of the web for that matter) without finding details on the proper way to vent a stand alone shower and stand alone tub into the same drain line. In addition to this, open to any feedback/concerns/advice on my general plans for the relocation...
  5. John Valetutto

    Can't remove bath fixture stems, late 1800's

    Hello, I recently purchased an old house built in the late 1800's. The bath tub has three separate knobs. One for hot, cold and a drain. I can't seem to figure out how to remove these fixtures to replace them. I see a nut back there on the hot and cold. But when I loosened them, they just slid...
  6. Pink Jazz

    Identify this Delta shower valve

    I was wondering, could you identify this Delta shower valve? I am at my grandparents house. There are two of these valves paired with the Delta pull-down diverter spouts and Delta arms, one with a 5.5 inch Moen Engage with Magnetix showerhead and the other with a Moen Adler showerhead.
  7. Mark2276

    K-8304 Kohler Shower/Bath Faucet Constant Drip

    Hello, I had a Kohler (model Rubicon) Bath/Shower Faucet installed last year during a bathroom remodel. After the install there was a constant drip from the tub spout after the faucet was shut off. I contacted Kohler and they sent me a replacement (one piece cartridge) (model GP 800881 -...
  8. Roadman33

    Rough in drain cluster#@**!help

    hi guys, I pulled a permit to make my basement bath up to code and need some help. yellow line: 2" goes down to slab then into 3". (think this is vent for toilet?) pink line: 2" goes in to mechanical room p trap for hot water heater overflow & furnace cond. drain. drains down into slab...
  9. Rich_Davison

    80 year old bath remodel

    Bath remodel on 80 year old house. Southwest Michigan This house was apparently built before public utilities and the bath added when public water and sewer arrived. It essentially unchanged since then. I have included sketches which I hope show clearly my intentions. Basically new fixture...
  10. Spaceoy_psy

    Bath drain plate won't come off... Or screw back down

    Got myself into a plumbing pickle, right at the first hurdle. We have a funky smell coming out the bath drain. Despite knowing little about plumbing, I figured removing the drain cover would be a good place to start, get a better view down into the P-Trap etc. But the screw just keeps spinning...
  11. mark barbieri

    TOTO Diverter Install

    I'm trying to install a Toto Diverter Toto THU4131 As when I turn to the tub i still get water come from the shower head and vice versa. Could it be anything else other than the diverter? Any way, I purchased a new toto diverter and it comes in 4 parts. The brass cylinder, a rubber plug, a...
  12. mha

    Faucet and Head don't fit - adapter?

    Hey guys, I have a shower faucet that measures 1 in diameter, and am trying to fit a standard 1/2 in shower head onto it. Anyone know of an adapter that can fit this?
  13. Catherine1997

    Bathtub isn’t level, water pooling by wall?

    Last year we had our bathroom remodeled, the bathtub was not installed level (lots of problems with the work by the people we hired). Is there anything we can do to stop the water from pooling in the corner against the wall? It’s a corner tub and the corner is the lowest point of the top of the...
  14. HelpwouldBnice

    Temptrol Bathtub leaky Spout

    Hello, I am having trouble with my Symmons Temptrol bath system. When the shower is switched on a lot of water will come out (steady thick stream) of the spout continuously (this is not the normal drip or stream you're normally supposed to experience). To make it more clearer it's coming OUT of...
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