1. Caryncbreeef

    Best AAVs?

    Hello plumber folk. I am finally getting fixtures in (started a remodel which became a teardown. My buddy, a retired plumbing inspector gave me the plumbing design and you fine people helped me make it a reality (I passed the rough on the first go). Due to lots of things I have a stack for the...
  2. S

    Basement Bathroom Group Horizontal Wet Vent with AAV

    This is my first post to this site- I've read a lot of valuable information on here so I figured I would try to get an answer to my question. I live in the upstate of South Carolina. Also, for reference in the attached picture, the left of the picture is where the vertical stack is located that...
  3. Brendan Poirier

    Main stack vent necessary ? Garage plumbing

    Hello Just built my garage this year and am currently installing my utility sink. My original plan was to put a toilet in the garage but that was ditched. For now I will only have a sink so I am wondering if running the main stack up through the roof is necessary since the sink has its own AAV...
  4. quantumbass

    Venting and routing for a recovery replacement of pipes

    Hello, I had to have my original copper drain pipes pulled, and I am trying to pick up where my house was left after someone bailed on me. The short of it was that a copper 2" pipe went through the HVAC return duct right over the HVAC main stack with a failing joint there, so it was supposed to...
  5. IllinoisDIY

    Basement bathroom venting question

    I have roughed in *most* of what we should need for a basement bathroom. However, I am having issues understanding what I need from a venting perspective. We do not have easy access to a main vent stack. Unless we want to rip out walls and vent all the way up through the roof (obviously a last...
  6. Timothy Miller

    AAV Location or placement under Kitchen sink?

    In this situation, is the current location of the P Trap in relation to the AAV valve correct, or must the P-trap be below the base of the drain pipe?
  7. Jason8383

    2 P-trap, Washing Machine Pan. AAV

    Hi, I have a washing machine with a stand pipe which is vented to an AAV (metal rood, don't ask) , under the washing machine I am planning on putting a drain in case of flooding, so another drain, P-trap, vented to same AAV. Can we do that? - P-trap of standpipe will be 6" above floor...
  8. Jason8383

    Washing Machine drains in bathtub drain, is my diagram correct?

    Hello, So currently live in Canada and have been reading a lot on the forum concerning the installation of bathroom washing machines plumbing installs I intend to drain the water from the washing machine using the bathtub drain and thought I would get all of your comments. So here is a...
  9. Stephen Silver

    AAV on a laundry sink pump

    Can I use an AAV on a laundry sink ejection pump? Just to be clear, this handles gray water only.
  10. BrockHouston

    Another venting question

    This is for a second floor bath. The 2"(after wye) and 3" drain lines will run parallel and inside a single joist bay before turning down at the left hand wall. Due to framing and window placements and existing vent locations, running a lav vent through the roof would be more difficult. This is...
  11. CapMcC

    AAV Recommendations for a Tight Space

    I have a tight space in which I need to install an air admittance valve (AAV). The below image shows the back of the wall behind my bathroom sink that is competing with my nearby tub drain to see who can suck out the other's p-trap faster. From my review of IRC P3114, my options seem very...
  12. Seneca Lake Monster

    Improper Venting of Laundry Tray/Sump Pump System & Misc

    Greetings, Firstly I appreciate any and all professional advice that anyone here can provide. I read another thread on a similar topic a few weeks ago, and the original poster seemed to sustain an adversarial posture despite (and in spite of) the sound recommendations of the professionals on...
  13. hbarkley

    Will my plumbing remodel work (horizontal wet vent)?

    Hey everyone, I'm at the plumbing stage of my DIY master bathroom remodel. I have some questions/concerns with how I've organized the layout for the fixtures. The information is in the pictures below. For reference, I live in North Carolina which I believe follows the IPC. I'd prefer to...
  14. BradCros

    Trying to properly vent and avoid an AAV

    Love the forum but first time posting. I’ve searched the forum and can’t quite find this particular situation bing covered before. I’m in a 1984 house and remodeling it piece by piece - currently that half bath. I’m moving around the configuration so the vanity is essentially on the opposite...
  15. Lestle12

    Smell coming from bathtub with AAV

    My cabin was built last year and since they finished every now and then it smells like sewage. It’s coming from the bathroom tub upstairs. The tub, sink, and toilet have run to a single Oatey vent I can access through a closet. The valve is rated at 24/160 dfu. The smell only is coming from...
  16. Bemis

    Bathroom waste vent

    This is an update to an earlier question of mine. I am building a cottage that is a challenge to vent; timber frame with SIPs and only one location for a vent in interior partitions. Maine which uses modified UPC. Local inspector has approved the use of AAVs for lav and kitchen sink. Does this...
  17. Andrew123

    AAV replacing vent for island

    Hi All, I’m renovating my kitchen and would like to know if I can cap off my old vent and install an Aav in its place. The picture is the back of my sink. I’ve cut off the vent that used to be routed through the roof. My plan is to cap that off and put an aav underneath the sink. Is this ok or...
  18. heckmab

    Double Vanity with AAV

    Hello, I really appreciate this amazing forum. I’m an HVAC guy trying to learn plumbing. I am currently remodeling my master bathroom and live in Rochester, NY. House was built in 1988. Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology to describe my issue. My issue is this: we want to install...
  19. Shari

    Need AAV help, please

    I have a slow draining bathtub and I believe the problem is inadequate venting. The bathroom is located in an area that is similar to a basement. It’s a hillside house and the back wall and part of the sides of the first floor are concrete. When the plumber did the work, many years ago, AAVs...
  20. VikkiP

    Venting kitchen sink and dishwasher

    I am working on a 1950 bungalow. It was built with two vented DWV stacks...main stack supports bathtub with shower, toilet, and lav. It's 3" CI and goes underfloor. On the way back to the sewer main, there is a 2" CI hub fitted with a 1 1/2" galv drain. Originally, the galv drain ran up to...
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