Water Softener Resin (media) replacement as DIY?

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I have two homes in Southern Ontario my principal residence in the north of Bolton area and an investment property in Kitchener acquired about 18 months ago. Both areas are known for hard water. Both homes have a clack WS1 valve/system and in my principal residence I had the softener replaced in 2011 with this one below:
"Clack WS1 Meter 2.2 Cu Ft. (65,000 grains) 3/4" 110v with ByPass, 18 x 36 brine tank".

Both homes are not producing adequately soft water -- I have a Taylor spa test kit that can measure hardness, so I suspect that both systems need the resin bed replaced based on testing I have done after a regen, and using both resup and iron out in the regen cycle as well. So based on this, I am assuming the resin bed is simply at the end of it's useful life, or is there something I should try first to restore it?

I do a lot of DIY jobs and this one does not scare me, but just wanted to hear some comments from others who may have done this, and also what additional steps I can take to ascertain that indeed the resin bed should be replaced. I can pull some addtional stats from my WS1 valve for instance -- but as of Oct 24 2020, it was showing 190K US gallons, 3406 days and 206 regens since startup. We are municipally treated ground water, and also on a septic so we try to minimize water use.

Also, where is a good place to get the resin media in the Toronto? A ways back I did some searching and from what I could come across 2.2 cu ft was quite expensive.



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Remove valve, dump media out, sanitize the tank with bleach and water, rinse, refill. Not much more than that. if you are doing it for a living, there are pecial tools that make changing resin a 5 minute job but these tools are fairly expensive.
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