1. Mnosek

    Significant resin discharged during backwash

    I have a Culligan Medallist Series water softener at our lake house. It has been unused in the garage for several years due to an issue we have been dealing with of low yielding well. We had to get a new well drilled, and I moved my pressure tank and water softener to a whole new location with...
  2. WorldPeace

    Water Softener & Filter Questions for City Water

    Hi, Everyone, I've spent a lot of time reading threads here and tons of articles online about water softeners. I've literally spent days. I still have a ton of questions I was hoping you guys could help me with. My home's water is supplied by my town. I live in a 2,000 sq ft home with a...
  3. Hud

    Repair or Replace 8 year old Softener

    I own 8 year old Fleck 5600SXT 24,000 that seems to be dying. I purchased it 'new' but have some doubts as to the integrity of the vendor. I think he might be one of those guys who 'refurbishes' old machines and sells them as new, either way after 8 years he is nowhere to be found. The capacity...
  4. Rick M

    Kinetico FLT/SFT Para-Flo 4040 Quad tank with neutralizer?

    I just bought a home near Fort Mill, SC and the seller said the Kinetico Water Softener was offline because it needs a "rebuild and new resin and neutralizer". I called a Kinetico dealer and he came out, tested the water and it was slightly acid at about 6.0ph and 5 grains of hardness. It...
  5. Steveo1966

    Water Softener Resin (media) replacement as DIY?

    I have two homes in Southern Ontario my principal residence in the north of Bolton area and an investment property in Kitchener acquired about 18 months ago. Both areas are known for hard water. Both homes have a clack WS1 valve/system and in my principal residence I had the softener replaced...
  6. Riddleyo

    Fleck 9100SXT Set up and tuning Help

    Hello, Thank you so much to the experts on this forum answering newbie's questions as they have taught me more than any other resource so far. I have recently installed a new Fleck 9100SXT Twin Tank "96k" grain system in my home set up with well water. It has been operating for the past 4...
  7. SHVA

    Looking for resin spec’ed for efficiency 4000-5000 grains/lb salt

    Which resins, 10% cross linked, have this SER? Thanks!
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