water softener continuously runs to drain ECR 3500 Ecowater

Discussion in 'Water Softener Forum, Questions and Answers' started by 000utback, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. 000utback

    000utback New Member

    Feb 7, 2013
    Harrisonburg, VA
    Ecowater ECR3500 R30 softener, installed 2008.
    Private well, 26 gn hardness, 2 ppm iron.
    We had to pull the well pump twice in one day for some repairs. Afterwards, there was lots of dirt in the water. Then we had issues with low water flow in the house. There were several things going on at the time, but I was certain that the softener was restricting the water flow. Maybe the particulates plugged the resin bed, or a screen or something. Ecowater service in my area is invisible, and I was never able to ask a technician about possibly cleaning a screen or whatever. I did the regen cycle about 5 times. Didn't help. I had to bypass the softener when folk were showering or flush the upstairs toilets; then leave it on the rest of the time. After a week or so, I realized that the softener was no longer blocked. Not restricting the flow. So it's in service all the time now as it should be. Settings same as before.

    A) What I have noticed is that it is always running a little water to drain. I hear it humming in the pipes and confirm it at the backwash outlet hose. 24 hrs/day running this water. Why is that? what to check? I downloaded an owners manual, but need more indepth trouble-shooting.

    B) Also, it's been 4 weeks since I stopped mixing hard/soft water and had the softener in full operation. but tap water is testing at 7 gn hardness and 1 ppm iron. So the softener isn't working. probably related to A) above. what do you reckon? some-fer internal valve cracked? or stuck? communist plot? We increased the regeneration frequency and saw no improvement.

    Any help appreciated. We have other water issues to work on, and this is supposed to be the first step.
  2. mialynette2003

    mialynette2003 In the Trades

    Nov 24, 2010
    Owner of SWS Systems WWW.SWSSYSTEM.COM
    Ocala, Florida
    If it is a single rotor valve, there is a drain seal that needs to be replaced. If it is the dual rotor type valve, the rotor/s may be cracked. Can you take a picture of the valve (without the cover) and post it?
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  4. 000utback

    000utback New Member

    Feb 7, 2013
    Harrisonburg, VA
    Thanks for the response Mialynette. I couldn't get aholt of a camera very soon to send the pic. I did finally find a cooperating Ecowater dealer. The Receptionist made a correct diagnosis based on our phone conversation, and dispatched a tech with the disc kit 3000 part 7218688. That was $110.95 for the part alone. Then $125 minimum charge for the service call (60 miles, since the closer dealers wouldn't respond). They made a lot of money for a 1/2 hr job. They are cooperating in submitting the part cost under warranty. Service and labor charges aren't covered, but they knocked that back to 110 for me. Softener is working great again! Next time I'll be quicker to do it myself.
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