Water leak coming from upstairs bathroom to main floor.

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Hi everyone, yesterday we noticed after 3 consecutive showers a little bit of water dripping from our main floor chandelier. We found the culprit to be coming from the upstairs bathroom. After running the toilet, and sink we realized the leak was not coming from those amenities. Not to mention we also ran the bathtub on its own and no water going into the bathtub drain caused any leak. After further examination we believe the caulk around the shower faucet is damaged as well as the grout/caulk around the bathtub and where the tub meets the floor is compromised.

I just wanted to get on here to ask if this is a common problem, our house is old and this is the first time this has happened ever. I have read on other forums and websites that this is a common issue but I have severe anxiety when it comes to these things so naturally, I seek help. My last issue was solved here so I thought I would ask again.

Here are somethings also worth mentioning. There is no wet drywall anywhere on walls or ceiling and the access panel to the shower is also dry with no leakage. We are buying some silicone caulk and redoing the seal around the bathtub faucet as well as in and around the bathtub. I checked the seal on the toilet and its also solid, with the sink pluming upstairs also having no leak. We have no shower door and use a shower curtain and most of the time have water sometimes leaking on the floor and seeping outside the shower.

If anyone can put my mind at ease that would be great. We decided to solve this issue ourselves and if it persists or we see any issue to call a plumber.
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