Waste and Vent Sizing and Water Sizing Practice Diagrams

Discussion in 'UPC Plumbing Code Questions' started by Reynvann, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Reynvann

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    Mar 8, 2019
    Washington State
    I'm taking my Journeyman exam in Washington State next month. I'm looking for some waste and vent as well as water sizing diagrams that I can practice sizing. Does anyone know of a resource online for diagrams of the same fashion that are on the WA State test? I know the waste test has a double pump ejector system, 3 upper floors and a basement level, floor drains, emergency floor drains, both flushometer and gravity flush toilets, urinals, etc. The same goes pretty much for the water sizing diagram. Flushometer toilet and urinal banks, circular washes, multiple hose bibbs, etc.

    I've done many searches online for this type of resource and haven't been able to find anything. If anyone can help out, I'd appreciate it much!

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