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  1. tnlady3

    tnlady3 New Member

    May 31, 2006
    The water coming from my well is warm. We have had to set the shower to almost the coldest setting because when set on warm, the water is scalding. The water coming from the outside spicket is also warm. Nowhere in the house is the water cold like it used to be. Do you have a clue what the problem could be? The land next to me was recently disturbed...they lowered the grade and put in a pond. Could that have anything to do with my water table? Please help.
  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Nov 12, 2005
    If you water was always cold B4 that and now it is warm it may have everything to do with it. Do you have a deep or shallow well.

    How long have you been there? Get a thermometer and check the temp at an outside hose bib.
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  4. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Lubbock, Texas

    Does the pump ever build up pressure and shut off? The last time I saw hot water it was because of a hole in the pipe down in the well. Water just keeps circulating round and round and heats up. Pump usually won't shut off in this case or at least does not stay off very long. Last time after I fixed the hole in the pipe, the lady had warm water for a couple more weeks. The entire water table had heated up and it took a couple of weeks to cool back down.
  5. Bob NH

    Bob NH In the Trades

    Oct 20, 2005
    New Hampshire
    If they put in a pond that is being warmed to 90 degrees or so, and that pond is recharging the aquifer, that could be your source of warm water.

    You should find out why the pond was built and what it is being used for.

    If they are using that pond as a source of cooling water, or if they are using it for discharge of warm water from an air conditioning system or power plant, that could be the source of your problem.

    If they are pumping water from the aquifer for cooling, and using that pond to recharge the aquifer, or pumping warm water directly to the aquifer, then it could heat up the aquifer that is supplying your well. It might also be something that the regulatory agencies might be concerned about if you complain. That is the sort of thing that results in interest of lawyers and causes $$$$ to flow.

    If there is a leak that is keeping the pump running, then it should show up in the electric bill.

    Your electric bill usually gives you the reading for each month for the last 12 months. Read the meter and compare the kWhr per day since the last reading date (shown on your bill) with the kWhr/day for the previous month and for the month a year ago.

    It take a lot of electricity to heat your well significantly. If that is the problem, you will have a BIG bill.

    On the other hand, if a geothermal source is heating your water you can use it to heat your house and save on fuel next winter.
  6. tnlady3

    tnlady3 New Member

    May 31, 2006
    My warm water

    I have been here 25 years and it has always been cold B4. The land next to me has been a cotton/soy bean field for 24 years. Someone bought it to build on and put in this pond to build their house along side of. But, they did alot of grading work and lowered the tract next to my tract for drainage purposes.
    Yes, I have a constant leak in my toilet that I can't remedy. I even put in a new toilet and it still runs. My bill is not unusually larger but I do need to get this leak fixed. No, my pump doesn't run all the time. And I would guess that my well is about 60-80' deep. And two years ago I changed to gas heat from a water source heat pump and this hotter water would have helped then with the winter bills. But the gas heat is more efficient and less well/pump work than B4. I usually had to replace the contacts in pump every year. Thanks for the info. I can talk more intelligently with a well repairman now.
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