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Hello everyone, I’ve been wanting to put a sprinkler system in for several years and now is the year. I’ve got a 13-year-old half horse pump that’s giving me about 10 gallons a minute about 35 psi which I plan on upgrading to a one horse 25 gallons a minute at the current 10 gallons a minute I have about 12 zones. I’d like to cut that in half, I have a 4” 100 deep well. We usually water five or six hours a day in the summer moving hoses and we’re sick of that.

I’m looking at the Grundfos sq 22. But I’m not sure which sub model to buy. The guy at Keeling will sell me a one horse 25 gallons a minute Franklin Waller, but I like the soft start on the Grundfos. I can’t find a dealer for the SP model. Any help would be appreciated.

The SQe model with the pressure controller C301 seems very interesting. I could dial it in perfectly to the pressure on each zone. Thanks.


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As long as your well will make 25 GPM, switching to a larger pump shouldn't be a problem. But if you cut the zones in half they will be 20 GPM zones and a 25 GPM pump will cycle itself to death. The soft start of the SQ doesn't help anything unless running it on an inverter or small generator. SQ is not worth the extra cost from a 25 GPM, 1HP, Flint and Walling, which I like better than Franklin. The SQE with the CU301 variable speed thing is great, until it isn't. It will vary the flow and keep the pump from cycling no matter the size of the zones, but it comes at a great cost and with a short life span. The SQ pump without the CU301 is fine if you like better than F&W. Either pump will work with a Cycle Stop Valve. The CSV will vary the pumps flow to eliminate cycling better, less expensively, and make the pump last longer than any VFD like the CU301. With the CSV you can water anyway you want, plus you will not need a larger pressure tank.

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