Toto ST746ST “Light” Flush hard to actuate

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I have two Toto ST746ST units installed two years ago. I have never been pleased with the small water spot and the high shelf in the bottom of the bowl that tends to accumulate waste that does not get cleaned by the “tornado” circular flush.

My problem now is that the toilet that is used most often has become hard to activate the “Light” flush. Originally it required just a light push aft on the flush lever to trip the 0.8g flush, but now that light push opens the flapper for about 1 second, sending maybe 0.2g into the bowl. To get the full 0.8g the handle has to be pushed and held for a few seconds. The forward pull action “Flush” (1.6g) side works as intended without a need to hold the handle in the flush position.

I have removed the flushing gear mechanism and checked the security of the flush handle and all seem normal. The gear mechanism looks like something I don’t want to try to fool with. The other lesser-used Toto toilet still works fine with a light push on the flush handle immediately triggering the “Light” flush.

Does anyone have experience with “tuning” these Toto flush mechanisms ?


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