Semi-concealed trapway: TOTO CST746 or Kohler Highline?

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    Feb 9, 2020
    I'm new, but really appreciate what I've learned here. Thanks to all.

    Replacing 45 year-old Cranes that are as steady as can be. SO much water though...and they're getting a little grungy.

    As I considered replacements, I took a good look at the Cranes and realized how elegant they are---they have very simple, narrow, drainway-hiding smooth bases and a square pedestal. I'm going to miss the simple, clean look.
    I dislike the snake-like exposed drainways on most toilets. And the skirted models mostly look like the bowl sits on a white utility box (ugly), or are prohibitively expensive.

    So, two "semi-concealed" trapway models have emerged. We like the look of both: TOTO CST746 Drake series has a mostly covered trap, and the Kohler K-76301 Highline, which is entirely concealed, and also has a nicely reduced flange cover.

    I like the look of both toilets; the base of the Kohler is better; the tank of the TOTO is cleaner-looking and overall it has a little more balanced look. (tank size more matches the bowl's).
    I really like the rimless bowl of the TOTO Tornado flush.
    The Kohler Highlines seem to be proven good flushers.

    My only concern with the TOTO is that I've read reports that the tiny water surface has led to smudging which the Tornado flush doesn't always clean. Some reviews say TOTO took a step back here (from the CST744). There aren't a ton of reviews available yet.

    So...I'm stuck---can't pull the handle one one or the other.

    1. Has the small water spot of the TOTO created issues for real-world users?
    2. Is there any flushing/bowl-clean advantage to the 1.6 gallon TOTO vs 1.28?
    3. Are there any flushing/cleaning advantages or disadvantages in the Kohler?
    4. Is there any merit to the thought of my getting over the exposed trapway and opting for an older Drake CST744?? These seem to be supremely well-liked.


    CST746 Drake3
    Very little water in the bowl and yes it does need more cleaning than the other TOTO products.
    updated 11/14/2020
    Terry Love
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