Tom Brady 40 yard dash times

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Tom Brady ran a 5.28 40 yard time in 2000, which he has now improved to 5.17 seconds. Getting faster at 41 years old.

You hear a lot about football players times and their 40's, some in the 4.5 range is is extremely fast and much faster than a normal human can run.
My son did a 4.9 in High School as a wide receiver was pretty good. Beyond the 40 yards he got even faster with his long legs.

Tom Brady in 2000

Tom Brady in 2019

I never played football in school, though I did play in a flag league years later as an adult.
At 40 I was our kick off returner, and wide receiver. I still didn't know how fast I was though. I did know that as a corner that off the line I could cover the wideouts on the other team running backwards for the first ten yards before I needed to turn and spin on them.

When my youngest was growing up, I took him to the the Seahawks workout day for kids and family where they had a timed 40 that you could run in and was running a 5.10 over and over again. I was 50 years old at that time. I kinda wish I knew someone with a stopwatch when I was younger, because I'm pretty sure I was quicker in my 20's. My first few steps were quick enough that out of the gate I would have a lead.
I did climb the summit of Mt Rainier when I was fifty too.

How fast were some of your times in school and later?
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