Toilet tank issue and water shutoff valve

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Good evening,

I apologize in advance but I have a couple of not very smart questions I was hoping would be easy for some of the experts here to answer.

1) A couple of times in the last year (several months apart), after flushing the toilet I would hear some unusual dripping sounds coming from inside the tank. I would open it and see that water from the "fill tube"was dripping outside the "overflow" tube". After I shut off the water supply and turned it back on, the issue would fix itself. But I am wondering if there is an explanation for why this happens, and if there is a way to prevent it in the future?

2) I am attaching a photo of my toilet water shutoff valve in the "on" position. Is this a normal "on" position?? The water flows, but I can't remember if it was this way before or if it was pointing all the way up (when I turned it back on, this was the farthest I could get it to turn but I am not sure if this is how it should be or if I should keep pushing)

Thank you so much for any and all replies and for your time.


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debris can get stuck in the ball preventing it from opening all the way I wouldnt force it , Id probebly disconect supply from the fill valve and turning valve on and off while pointed in a bucket see if it clears . It should be fully open
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