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I discovered that a terrible flange job causing leaking in my bathroom basement. The flange was really not even (1.5 inch difference) and the bolt where not at the right place.

Thus I took of the flange and I am planning on putting a new one.

However while taking off the old glued flange i did a few dent in the exterior pipe with both my saw and chisel. You should be able to see the chisel dent in the 2bd picture and the saw dent on the left of this picture.

the chisel did not go all the way through and I don’t this the saw either. I think It went 1/8 of an inch max

My plan is to put a new flange twist and set and hopefully the gasket should be below those dent so no water should encounter those.

For extra precaution I wanted to fill those dent to make sure no water could pass through. What should I use ? ABS cement glue ?

Also I’m a bit worried about those dent but of course I can’t replace the pipe because it’s in the concrete… looking forward to your tips. If I just screwed up and should call a plumber don’t hesitate to say so also!!

Thank you for your advices


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