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Recently replaced two toilets in my home as a DIY project. When I removed the old toilets, both metal flange rings were pretty well corroded so I decided to replace them while the toilets were off and now I’ve realized I’ve made a mistake and wondering how big of a mistake it actually is.

After a good bit of time I was able to bend the existing metal rings enough to remove them from the top of the waste pipe as they are locked into waste pipe with that smaller metal lip, chewed up the top of the waste pipe plastic a bit getting them off but the damage is minimal in my opinion. I took advantage of the rusted state of the rings and mangled the metal rings to get them off.

I ended up replacing them with what I now realize is a PVC spacer that doesn’t make contact with the waste pipe, I figured the PVC was used to prevent the corroding I was replacing them for in the first place.

I used a better than wax seal on both with the spacer so the water seems like it will be directed into the waste pipe without issue but I’m concerned with potential issues with the waste pipe as there is no ring “locked” around the top of the waste pipe.

Should I take the time to cut through the caulk, remove the toilets and put actual flange rings around the waste pipe opening? To me it doesn’t seem like flooding would be an issue as long as the waste pipe doesn’t move, which I don’t see how it would.

Any advice to guide my understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the time for any advice.
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