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    Hello All,

    Getting ready to re-tile my bathroom. Need to add some plywood, and will have cement board and tile on top. Is there an extension I can add to this, or do I need to cut out, extend the pipe, and add a new connector (sorry, I cant think of the name of this thing)? I am assuming this is a solvent-welded piece, so do I cut from the inside of the pipe? I have not screwed down the new plywood yet, in case I need to do anything different.



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    Wish you had come here first...yes, you can add extensions to the flange. The better way to do this would have been to cut it out, raise it up, then run the ply, cbu, and tile under where the rim of the flange would be, then install the flange. Ideally, the flange is installed on top of the finished floor.
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