This "new" single mud bed with red guard method

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    making a mud bed on a cement slab in a cabin for shower. When installing the slab I made a preslope right in the concrete , just to get some fall. Now I play on a 1 1/4 thick mud pan that goes to the shower drain, then a reguard liner that goes onto of that and then tile on that. According to this installer who says he has done over 20 showers this way, the old method of showers was standard because you needed to do that as you can't mortar tiles to a PVC liner. You can tile directly to regaurd. Will save me a bit of work, but mostly it looks superior and I already have lots of RG here.

    Does this seems like a problem to anyone ?here is a link

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    This liner is on the recessed concrete slab and past inspection by Orange County (Orlando, FL). Thin set was placed on the liner and the tile was set. The walls were durocked and coated with RED Guard. Two years later, no problems.

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    The functional problem with using Redgard as your waterproof layer is how is it attached successfully to the drain? There are ways to do that, but it's a bit more work. Look up the Divot method.

    Personally, while liquid applied stuff can work, it's not like just painting a need to apply each coat at the properly specified wet thickness without runs or pinholes. IMHO, it's easier and more reliable to use a sheet membrane that you only need to deal with the seams properly. Lots of companies make those: Noble, Schluter, USG, Laticrete, and some lesser known brands (the first two are by far the longest in that space).
  5. dj2

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    Aug 13, 2013
    In certain applications your idea may work, I've successfully done it.
    However, there are better ways to do it than Redgard for your situation, as explained above.
    Also, in my city, a popular method is hot mop over slab.
    Go to johnbridgetileforum for more ideas.
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