Tee in near well head for irrigation?

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Hey there new to all this. I have a 15 gpm well in my pasture and my pressure tank is in my house 300' away. I am hoping to tee in very close to the well head and put a valve/spigot a couple feet away to water wine grapes 500' in the opposite direction and uphill 30 feet max.

I've read that if there's a check valve at the pressure tank that would need to be removed but I don't think there is one at the tank because I think that's the check valve there in the picture. So I'm wondering if I can just tee in right after it.

What do I need to do? I know I'll need to shut off the pump and drain the line as well as I can, but what else? Do I need to dig down to tee in underground? Or can I do it at the exposed PVC in the photo? Or should I do it right after the check at the
steel? I live where it gets down to 20 degrees at the coldest.

My plan is tee-->new check valve-->spigot-->500' +30' elevation to the grapes which have 300 1/2 gph drip emitters
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Sure you can tee into the PVC anywhere, or you can remove that plug at the end of the tee and tie in there. Your real problem is the 300 gph and not having a diaphragm style tank. 300 GPM is 5 GPM , which will cause even a 10 GPM pump to cycle on/off like crazy. I would replace that check valve with a CSV1A Cycle Stop Valve and replace the old galvanized tank with a 20 gallon size diaphragm tank. That way the CSV will not let the pump cycle to death while using 5 GPM. However, all that is easy to do. However, the biggest problem in switching to a diaphragm style tank is the need to plug the bleeder orifice that you will find installed about 5' down the well.
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