Taco Ciruclation pump is whining

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  1. DIYMike

    DIYMike New Member

    Jan 30, 2005
    Model: 006 BC4 PNP
    3 years old, already installed. Was whining. I thought it was the replacable cartridge/impeller and replaced it. It wasn't. Still whining. Seems to be moving water, but just whines.

    1) Is this common? Is it due to having the unit on a timer?
    2) I assume it's in the motor housing, and will drain/disassemble to investigate. Can I run it dry momentarily just to investigate?
    3) If I need to replace the whole assembly - and I'm assuming that I can reuse the sweated "base" (the rest of the housing just bolts on with a gasket) are there less expensive models that I can use instead, that will still fit the base?

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