Submersible Pump Problem

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    Fair enough. But I can only report my experience, and so far we only have 4 years on the older of the two FloTek pumps. I'll post back again in 11 years, or sooner if they don't last. ;)

    However, my point to the OP was that FloTek is a major national brand that is sold, not just online, but though many brick & mortar supply houses. You don't get that level of distribution by selling crap that is defective off the shelf or that fails in short order. Additionally, I have called FloTek's 1-800 customer service line twice and spoken with technical support to answer questions I had. Will the OP get that level of support with some no-name pump sold through Ebay?
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    Feb 7, 2007
    You thought the pump would create an uncontained 15-20 foot geyser out of it's 1-1/4" pipe outlet, and because it didn't you assumed the pumps were defective? Try this: take your garden hose (no nozzle), turn it on fully, and turn it skyward. How far up does the water reach beyond the end of the hose before returning to earth? Probably no more than a foot. Yet put it in a vertical pipe and it will reach over 115' (assuming your home's water pressure is greater than 50 psi).

    Technically, they are in the bottom of the well. You should have a minimum of 5 feet of clear water below the bottom of your pump. I understand that this is not always possible with shallow wells, but that just means you have to be extra careful about cleaning and developing your well so that you're not ingesting debris. And realize that you ARE operating the pump outside its designed parameters, so any failure of the pump is YOUR FAULT, not the fault of the pump.

    And they will probably be right. It's not the pump manufacturer's fault that you don't know what the problem is with your well and with your installation.

    Is it fair that you are damaging these pumps and making the vendors and manufacturers eat the costs of your "learning experience"? And they aren't the only ones getting screwed: all the rest of us are too because those manufacturers pass on their losses to customers by raising the costs of their products. That's basic economics. Contrary to what the government wants you to believe, NOTHING is ever free!

    At this point, you really should hire a professional to get the job done right. Some of your ideas are way off and downright reckless (like your idea of trying to re-cut the slits in the bottom of your well casing).

    It's hard to pin down what your problem is because you are doing so many things wrong and you don't even have the requisite knowledge of basic physics to properly set up tests or interpret the results of your observations. But I still suspect that both pumps have ingested some crud from the bottom of your well.

    I've already identified three things you've done to damage the pumps:
    1. You've run both of them at the bottom of your well.
    2. You didn't throttle their output when first starting them to prevent the ingestion of sand & debris.
    3. You operated one pump at 115V when it's rated at 230V, probably burning out its motor.
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    My FINAL THOUGHTS are this

    1) you may be a heavy equipment tech, but you don't know squat about wells or pumps

    2) you should do yourself and your Paypal account a favor and fill the well with cement and be done with it.
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    I installed a jet pump temporarily and I was able to pump close to 7 gpm, I think I stay with this pump until it fails. It took a while for the water to clear.

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