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    Aug 24, 2007
    We just installed a whirlpool bathtub. All fine and dandy. We also still wanted a shower. Thats good too except that the water runs off the back of the tub onto the floor. The back of the tub has a lip and it keeps the water from going back into the tub. Also the front of the tub pours onto the floor too. There isnt a lip. We need to put some kind of barrier on the side of the back part of the tub so the water runs back in. Also the front needs something to stop it from going on the floor!! HELP ME!!!!!:eek:
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    Hard to picture your setup with so few details.

    Photographs would help...
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    It sounds like you have a drop-in tub that you want to become a tiled shower as well. A tub designed for use as a shower would have a flange on three sides. Manufacturers also often make an add-on flange. This get glued on, then the walls get built so they come down over the flange with a vapor barrier behind it, then cement board (cbu) on the walls at least up to the height of the showerhead. Then some tile on top of that. More details are available over at

    If your finished walls are already up, buy a ceiling mounted shower curtain.
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