Shower system for remodeled bathroom

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  1. duckluver

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    Jun 1, 2014
    Hey there,

    I'm remodeling our bathroom and am getting ready to run the supply lines (once I decide on a shower system/ valve).

    I want to have a rain head, a hand held, and two body sprays. I was looking this system

    mirabelle-sq-shhs2bs-luxury-shower-system-includes-shower-head-hand-shower-2-body-sprays-and-all-rough-in-valves/ . I am concerned though that I won't be getting enough flow and/or pressure. Also is this brand reliable? I don't want crap, but I can't break the bank either.

    I want a thermostatic and pressure balanced valve. This looks to be a 1/2" supply. Is that going to be adequate? Should I be searching for a 3/4"?

    Lastly, if I do need a 3/4", should I be running a 3/4"supply directly from the 3/4" line just after it leaves the water heater or can I just tap into the 1/2" lines that are already near the shower?

    I know this is probably a loaded question, but any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    How big of a supply line depends on how many fixtures in your shower you intend to run at one time. Each of them will have a specification on how much water they use...add them up. You want to be able to supply more water than the max use, otherwise, the performance of the sprays will drop off. A typical 1/2" valve can only be counted on to supply in the order of 5-6gpm, and some are even less than that. It also depends on your supply water pressure and internal construction of the valve.

    If you want or need 3/4", you have to ensure it is at least 3/4" where you tap into it for the 1/2" sections upconverted to 3/4"...the 1/2" line would be the restricting factor, and the 3/4" won't do much of anything for you except minimize and further flow restrictions, IOW, it can't compensate for already being restricted by a 1/2" supply line.

    As to the quality of those valves...I'll leave that to someone who has experience with them, I do not.
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