Shower leaking into toliet?

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  1. nursedoe

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    Jul 6, 2007
    a very hard one
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    OMG! Now what? I found out that the seal between the tub and drain pipe was lost by those whacky plumbers and that is why is was leaking. I will take the darn thing off and put that on today. AND when I take a long shower, the toliet starts bubbling. What the heck? Oh, I just want to move, guys.

    My best guess is that something is a little bit clogged and I should snake everything. Last week dirt came up into the new tub so we figured the darn roots attacked the septic line again and snaked it. Now this.

    I tried asking the guy at Home Depot and he said something about the level of the tub and toliet being reversed. I thought it through and decided that no one changed the level of any pipes since it last worked, so probably not.

    So, I will check back here for suggestions after I take the darn drain off again and try to see if I can get a snake in there. The only one I have is that huge 450.00 electric one from Home Depot. The Home Depot guy said that would be too big. Crickey! not a plumberdoe::confused:

    PART 2

    Okay, things cleared up for awhile. But now we are back to everything being clogged. Let's see if I can make sense of layout of pipes. My side of the house is a two car garage coverted to living room with a bedroom added. First, is the washer, in the old "garage", next in line in my new shower/tub, then my toliet, then a ways out to the septic tank.

    1. When the laundry runs or I take a shower, the toliet bubbles. Now and then the bathtub is backing up with not very gross stuff, just dark and linty. This morning toliet is clogged.

    2. We have snaked the drain like three times with the big a.. 500.00 snake with all the bells and whisles. It seems to clear for a just a few days.

    3. Put root cleaner down there that may take weeks to work I guess.

    4. I dug up the septic tank. Peee ewww. I think this is really old and not like the ones I see pictures of online. It is not a T but rather looks like a huge pipe fitting that curves downward with a big hole in the top. The big hole in top is to vent gas, I suppose.

    5. I had the tank emptied three or five years ago, but it is just me on that tank with laundry. No kitchen stuff (separate tank).

    My brother said to get a water hose and put it in the pipe in the opposite direction and that will loosen any blockage. But wouldn't that have been cleared with the frequent snaking?

    Could it be a blocked vent on the roof? Once that was a problem like 8 years ago. Is that something I can clear myself?

    Septic people two years ago said that the tank did not need to be emptied. But things can change.

    It is SUNDAY. Calling to empty it will cost bank today. I have a house full of company_ my son home on leave. And I need my bathroom and laundry!

    Any suggestions? ( I know, I know....just move)

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    MASTERPLUMB777 In the Trades

    Aug 6, 2007
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    tub leaks

    you need to locate and dig up your septic tank, open the inlet side of tank

    you never want to run a sewer cable down the drain without somebody to
    watch and make sure you don't loose your cable in the tank ! !

    most times you can see if the inlet is clogged by too much T.P. or grease

    also this is a very good place to run the RIGHT size cable and blades to fully clear the line :D


    P.S, how is that high desert air ? ?
    it's a balmy 25% outside at this time in S.L.C. UTAH
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  4. nursedoe

    nursedoe Member

    Jul 6, 2007
    a very hard one
    California High Desert
    They just did the septic tank thing. They snaked the long line to the main tank. I just took the drain off the tub to put on the gasket/seal underneath and there were fine roots in there already. I have a guy who works here with outside chores and he will get to all the trees that are close to the house and chop them down. In the meantime....
    Home Depot guy says to pour muric acid diluted two to one. But I am not sure I trust that guy. He always looks up in the rafters when he talks to me as if he is pulling the answer out of the air.
    I just tried to see how to fit the snake in the tub drain but I can't get around that stupid bend. Darn it. Coat hanger? Or the original idea? move...
  5. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington

    I'm glad that snaking your drain fixed it.
    Much easier than redoing your drains based on HD advice.

    Here is something for the roots

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