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    Mar 15, 2013
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    I have a shower and a bath tub/shower that are on opposite sides of a 2x4 wall. The old shower valve (vintage 1970) that was leaking was small compared to the shower valves I've seen at Lowes and HD. I am eventually going to replace the bath tub/shower as well. Trying to figure out how to plumb and install a new valves and shower heads. Been looking at Delta shower valves and kits at Lowes and HD and it seems like will run into interference between the pipes and strigers. Any ideas? Pictures or drawings would be helpful.
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    Plumber can weave some magic. There is so many ways to pipe these showers.

    We have built many back to back showers. It's not hard it's just cramped.

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  4. Terry

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    Normally the shower valve is set at about 48" and the tub at 28" to 35"
    You should have plenty of room.
    Delta is a good one to use.
  5. jadnashua

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    Also, to make things easier, SOME of the valves can accommodate the hot/cold inlets being swapped so you don't need to cross the piping when you have two valves in the same wall. On some, you can insert the cartridge 180-degrees from normal, and it works, on others, you may need a special cartridge. If you go to the Delta website on a valve you like, they do have the installation instructions, and it normally will tell you how to do this, if it is possible. Otherwise, you need to route the piping to the 'proper' side of the valve.
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