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    Aug 8, 2014

    I was attempting to change the cartridge for my tub/shower and was having trouble with the set screw. I put some WD40 on it, and seemed to be having some luck, only to find out I've sheared the screw in half. My problem now is that the handle will not come off and it is so close to the part you hold on to that it is difficult to get a drill in there to even attempt to drill a hole for a screw extractor. Any suggestions? The handle now wiggles, I still have a drip coming out of the tap and my shower is now a slight mess because I had to fix other parts as well.

    It is a Moen faucet like the one pictured.
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    WD-40 isn't the best material to try to loosen a bolt! A penetrating oil is what is called for or something like PB Blaster. ANd, if it's a slotted head, taking the time to find the exact fit screw driver bit can make all of the difference (but not, obviously after it's already broken!).

    Is what's left entirely recessed, or is there anything sticking out? Is it the setscrew that holds the handle on?

    If you can't drill the setscrew out or enough of a hole to get an EZ-Out in there, you may just have to drill it out enough to release the handle, and then buy a new one (unless you can rethread it with a larger tap and then reuse it).
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    Aug 31, 2004
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    Call 1-800-BY-MOEN and have them send you a new cartridge AND handle. When you get them, saw the handle off, (you could snap it off, but sawing is better).

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