Shared well pump needing separate usage on parceled property

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  1. mindtab

    mindtab New Member

    Jul 24, 2005
    The question is in regard to my well pump.

    I live in Hinkley, Ca on a 5 acre property (san bernardino county, southern
    I wish to parcel out the property in 2-1/2 acres each. It's already divided by
    fence in two properties. There is only one pump which provides water to both
    sides of the property. Thus, there is only one electric bill.

    Ultimately, I need to separate the electric bill for the pump usage for each
    property in turn --once I divide the property in half, on the books. I am
    looking to sell the other 2-1/2 acres and allow for the owners to have their
    usage of water on their own electric bill.

    What do I need to attach to the pump: a switch, relay, or what? How do I go
    about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Specifications of current setup: Franklin 4" Submersible Pump Motor, 1HP
    230Hz 8A (max amp 9.6) 0.75KW SF1.4 3450RPM, Model 2801084915. This is
    connected to top of well. A connection line goes from here to some sort of
    switch or something (on cover writing has Square D Class 9013 Ser B, Type
    FSG2, Cut on:30, Cut off:50...230V 2PH 3PH 1/4DC). Under this is a Norgen 0-
    160PSI gauge (reading shows 35psi). Breaker box from outside the pump
    house also connects here. (breaker is 30A 240v) which in turn connects to
    Main Panel. Water pipe continues to a "Hays Pumps" model 266 Diaphragm
    Well Tank (85 gallons, max working 100PSI, Factory 38PSI, Drawdown 23gal).
    Water pipe is divided in a 'T'. One goes to our house, the other goes to other
    property, and the water can be turned on/off with spigots. Pump house is
    about 108'from our house, and 150' to other property.
    Actual pictures of pump house are at

    ~~~~~added info
    Wanted to add a quick clarification: the other property, we used to rent from the landlord (in which house we live in right now). The well house is outside the fenced in area, still on the 5 acres though, right in the middle between the two properties. We live in a rural area and it's a private well.

    When we rented (and lived) at the other property, water was never a problem. The landlord would get the electric bill, and we would give him half the money to cover what we used. The electric meter and main panel box is still on the pole at the other property; they are just not turned on.

    And yes, I can see that if I do somehow manage to divide the usage (by which I mean, the electric usage) to each property, that the new owner would have to agree with us to share the bill in case of pump replacement/or repair down the road.

    I wrote to the county to find out about legalities. Mainly, am interested if the separation can be done without having to put in another well, or pump. If it can be done electrically, and by which means.
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  2. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    Sep 2, 2004
    Retired Systems engineer for defense industry.
    New England
    You could put in two water meters, so if one used alot more water than the other, you could apportion the electric bill based on the water usage, rather than splitting the cost. If you put the terms you wish (i.e., split costs 50-50) and make it part of the covenant to the deed, then there is no (well, fewer) legal problems. Talk to a lawyer to ensure you are covered. ALternatively, you could tell the new owner that the property does not come with rights to the existing well, and that they would need to dig a new one.
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  4. PEW

    PEW DIY Senior Member

    Sep 2, 2004
    Is there some reason that each property owner cannot have their own well?

    I would not buy property where a well is shared, too many possible problems.

    Just curious.

  5. mindtab

    mindtab New Member

    Jul 24, 2005
    Pew, the reason is lack of funds right now. True, we could sell the half of property without water rights and have new owner dig their own well. However, we wanted to avoid that for now.

    Jadnashua, that's a good idea. What would be good meters to use? Would you have any idea on the cost? Would the meters be placed on each pipe where the 'T' divides? Would a meter only for other property work?
  6. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    Sep 2, 2004
    Retired Systems engineer for defense industry.
    New England
    I've not ever bought a water meter, but someone told me once that they can be purchased for around $100 ea. If you only metered one side, how would you aportion the costs? T the supply line, put a meter going each way. It could be in each house, or you could do it at the wellhead. Total each reading, and if the total useage was say 1000, and one was 400 and the other read 600, one would get to pay 40% and the other 60% of the bill. It would make sense to make prior agreements to split the maintenance costs 50-50, since without the pump, neither side would be whole, at least in my feelings. But, the ongoing electrical costs are more a function of usage, and that is where metering the usage is a logical method. I still think that if someone wants to buy that land, it would be best to sell it without access to your well. When the well needs work, once the work is done, how can you be sure you can recover 1/2 the costs? ALso, whatdo you do if they decide they don't want to pay half the electric bill? It would only have one name on the bill, so you'd be stuck with the whole thing. Don't be short-sighted on this - if the property is desirable, the people buying it will pony up for a well. If it isn't, keep it as a rental property, and just plan those costs in the rent. They don't pay rent, you kick them out.
  7. mindtab

    mindtab New Member

    Jul 24, 2005

    You are so right. Am thinking now to just list the 1/2 of the property for sale with a 'shared well' ---with a new well to be drilled within a few months. If I include the cost of that in the asking price, and I sell, at least the new owners will have access to water until the new well gets done. Reckon I won't die to pay the whole cost of the electrical usage of the pump until that gets done. We will sell the part we live on, sometime next year. We have to sell at least that other half due to previous owners back due taxes (long story) by march...otherwise all property is gone to ' collector'.
    well, seems this thread is over now. I do appreciate everyone's insight and responses. Thank you
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