Shallow Well Check valve on top of well point. Yes or no?

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I have been accumulating all parts for a hand driven shallow well. I have a 1 1/4" well point, Simmons 1721 that has inside threads at the top where a 3/4" nipple can screw in. In speaking with a neighbor with a similar well, he is down 28 feet with 8 feet of water.
Everything I see on the internet state its impossible for a foot valve on a well point. One post I did see indicated using a check valve instead of a foot valve.

My question: Would it be a good idea to thread a small 3/4 nipple at the top of the well point and see if I can find a check valve that could fit inside the 1 1/4 in pipe? Or don't bother. Will it create more problems (restrict flow) ? Just go with a check valve at the top and leave the point alone? If only a 1/2 check valve would fit in the pipe would the small size create more issues that it would solve. Thank you in advance for any input.


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