foot valve

  1. K

    New Shallow well pump not building up pressure

    I just replaced the shallow well pump with same Horse Power as the old one. For some reason the new pump is not able to build pressure over 10psi. It primes good. I've closed the valve to the irrigation system to isolate a possible line break issue but pressure does not go over 10psi and pumps...
  2. Greggunningham

    How does a drain back valve / Bleeder Orifice work on a foot valve water pump system which might have air leaks?

    I have cistern which is filled either by truck or pumped from the lake. To connect to the cabin, there is a pipe with a foot valve at the bottom, and a pump with a pressure tank at the bottom of the cabin. My setup is a bit different since we don't have a basement, and the pump is closer to...
  3. Tschmits

    Shallow Well Check valve on top of well point. Yes or no?

    I have been accumulating all parts for a hand driven shallow well. I have a 1 1/4" well point, Simmons 1721 that has inside threads at the top where a 3/4" nipple can screw in. In speaking with a neighbor with a similar well, he is down 28 feet with 8 feet of water. Everything I see on the...
  4. John Manganaro

    Shallow well foot pump broken?

    Ok guys, new problem. So I’ve been combing though the forum before posting to see if I could find my answer. Situation: I have a 3/4 shallow well jet pump that I use for lawn irrigation (see picture) that for the last year or so has intermittently cycled even without any lawn valves open. I...
  5. JamesT

    Foot Valve Replacement

    Hello all, I have decided to embark on replacing my well foot valve. Ever since I have bought the house If I lose power I lose the prime on my pump I usually just hook up to the neighbors house and refill my whole house system to reprime my pump, as I have tried the pour water in the pump but...
  6. Madscientistii

    Suction on supply line and air in water (well)

    Hi Everyone, I'm diagnosing a well issue. Long story short a splice broke in the supply line from the well to house. Introduced a lots of fines over the years... (don't ask, that's the long story.) I found the broken splice and repaired it. We've been flushing the system for a couple of...
  7. Cari Howard

    Drop Pipe Will Not hold water

    A corroded and clogged foot valve led to hubby replacing the entire drop pipe system. After putting the new drop pipe down (w/ assembly.. new foot valve, ejector, etc), he ran water down the pipe just to be sure we didn't have any issues like leaks. The water just kept on going, as if the foot...
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