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I have a Goulds JS05H 1/2 HP Jet Pump and a Wel-X-Trol WX-202 pressure tank.

I recently replaced my old 20/40 pressure switch with a 30/50 switch and upped the pressure tank to 28 psi. Since I did this, I've been getting a large amount of sediment in my filter. The pump and tank are pretty old, but seem to be working fine. The part of the tank where the T comes out, the metal is so rusted that I can peel it off. The pump now runs longer for each cycle, maybe a minute vs. half a minute. I'm wondering if the higher pressure is pumping this sediment from my well or could it be coming from my tank?

I'm thinking of installing a CSV1A, because I can hear the pump cycle about 3 times while I'm taking a shower. I'd love to install a CSV125- 40, but my pump and tank are in an enclosed crawlspace that's lined with plastic and I don't want something that will leak.



When I install the CSV, I'm going to move the pressure switch to it. Currently, the switch is on the pump. This hole for the pressure switch line should be 1/4" fpt, right? I'll need to plug it when I move the switch.


Thanks in advanced.



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Increasing the pressure will decrease the flow rate of the pump and usually decreases sediment from the well. But that looks more like flakes of iron from inside iron pipe. The higher pressure will increase velocity to the showers and the rest of the house, which could be causing scale to be washed off the inside of the pipe. It will probably get washed clean in a few days, but replacing any iron pipe in the system would probably be best.

You are thinking right about the CSV1A, it can handle the sediment and will not leak. The CSV125 needs fairly clean water as sediment like that is what causes the CSV125 to start leaking.
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