running hot tub from alternate energy

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  1. twrh111

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    Dec 19, 2012
    hello, newbie here, i do have an understanding of electricity both ac/dc. i have a 220v 4 wire hot tub wired to specs that i would like to run off a battery bank. my question is, can a hot tub be wired to work on 110v. i have a 10 battery bank wired as a 12v system being recharged with wind power. each battery has a minimum 500 cranking amps. so, rewire the tub or convert and step up my power to 220v. thx, terry
  2. jimbo

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    San Diego, CA
    Let's say the hot tub uses 30 amps @ 240. That is about 7.5KW. It would need 60 amps at 120, meaning bigger wires. But KV is KV.
    At 12 volts, the battery would need to supply 600 amps.

    The CCA rating of a battery is not meaningful here...that is a short term spec for the starter of a vehicle. The steady state draw is much less. You need to know the total KWH rating to know how long it would power the tub
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  4. jwelectric

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    This question would beg to differ with this statement

    No matter if you have an inverter or not the power or wattage comsumed will be the same and I don't think you hardly have enough
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