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Freeport, TX
So for a few months my house has been smelling really bad inside. Smells like sewage and rotten eggs. My father is too stubborn and cheap to get it fixed. I’m tired of it and find it quite embarrassing. So here’s the signs I’m noticing that when I shower the toilet makes a bubbling sound. When I get out his toilet is leaking from the bottom and nasty water rises from his bathtub (but nothing in my bathroom so far). Also there is smelly water coming from the side of the house. I’m starting to worry even more after reading that the gas I’m breathing is bad for us so anybody have some ideas as to what it could be?


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I think two problems:
  1. Clogged sewer or septic comes to mind. Get the septic tank pumped now, if you have septic. Budget $200-$300 most places for that, but higher in expensive or isolated areas involving long travel to get to you. Going too long turns into a very expensive repair. Get the sewer line rodded out if you have city sewer. That would often be a similar price. If you have a failed sewer or septic system, think big bucks. This blockage would explain the non-smell symptoms and maybe the bubbling.
  2. A probably failed wax ring under the toilet lets the gas into the bathroom. This could have been cause when you plunged the toilet, but the problem was that the pipe below the toilet was full. The person doing the rodding might run a cleaner through that, and would replace the wax ring when putting the toilet back. Some houses have a cleanout. Some get rodded through the roof vents. The person doing the work will ideally be familiar with construction in your area. Replacing a wax ring can be pretty cheap DIY, but requires lifting a heavy toilet.
Ask your neighbors who would be good to bring in to do the work. Some things are worth borrowing for. This is one, unlike borrowing to buy a brand new car.
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