Replumbing my HouseBoat

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Hello everyone, hope your all having a good evening.
I'm in the planning stage of replacing my houseboat, (40' Cruise-a-Home)
And I'd like your advice on the correct way to install the new Pex A piping. So first of all a basic discription of the layout.
I've got a 100 gallon water holding tank that currently is plumbed with a mixture of 3/8"copper /compression fittings and a little pex added on. And It is being pressurized by a 12volt 4 gallon per min 45psi pump. W/small accumulator tank .

So the water holding tank is the furthest forward on the boat and the hot water tank is the furthest point in the stern of the boat. I was planning on running a bigger pump and bigger accumulator tank probly 5gal per min 55psi with a 1 gallon accumulator. Then plumbing 3/4"pex a from the front to the rear to feed the hot watertank wich is also 3/4" fittings. Then from there stepping down to 1/2" pex a back to the center of the boat and installing pex manifolds to all the individual services. Which are all withen a 15' of the center of the boat.
Kitchen Sink
Bathroom Sink
Clothes Washer.

So my question is. Would it be better to run the 3/4" trunk all the back to the back. then Tee it and run my hot and cold water from the back to the manifolds and services. Or right after the pump start Teeing off for individual cold supply lines as the trunk goes further back towards the hot water tank. Then feeding the hot water tank last and running the hot water forward to the diffrent services?

Hope this all makes sence.
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