Replacing Fleck 5600SXT with Clack WS1 - Tank Mounting

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Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Our old (about 15 years) 5600SXT hasn't been functioning correctly for about 6 months. After lots of troubleshooting, cleaning, replacing original media, etc... it was recommended by a water softener company that we either replace or rebuild the head unit. They also recommend that if we replace it we should go with a Clack unit instead of another Fleck.

If I go with a Clack WS1, can I use the existing riser tube? And are there any special fittings that I may need to use to attach the Clack unit to the tank? Or are the two different units similar enough that they're basically interchangeable?

The tank is a 64K grain tank. I've attached a picture as well. If you need any other specifics on my setup please let me know an I will do my best to get that info ASAP.

Also, if you have any recommendations on different head units I'd be happy to hear them. Thanks!


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