Recommend an Electric Water Heater

Discussion in 'Water Heater Forum, Tanks' started by Tenderpaw, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Tenderpaw

    Tenderpaw New Member

    Jan 12, 2008
    My dad needs to replace his electric water heater. He currently has a Sears 6 year model that is about 12 years old. He is leaning toward a GE because I currently have a GE in my house that is about 5 years old in my house and it has been trouble free. I previously had a Sears Survivor unit and it was not a Survivor at all! What do you pro's recommend?


  2. PlatonicSolid

    PlatonicSolid New Member

    Mar 29, 2009
    I was just going to ask the same question, but seeing the incredible lack of responses to this thread, I guess I shouldn't bother.
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  4. T_Hartigan

    T_Hartigan New Member

    Nov 28, 2006
    I can recommend a Marathon Rheem electric water heater. I have one for several years and really like it.

  5. PlatonicSolid

    PlatonicSolid New Member

    Mar 29, 2009
    I found this on Consumer Reports and am now wondering if it would be worth my while to convert to gas instead:

    "Look for a long warranty. Most cover 6, 9, or 12 years. Heaters with the lowest and highest warranties differ by just $60 to $80 for electric models and $50 to $100 for gas units. But we found much bigger differences inside.

    Electric water heaters with 9- and 12-year warranties typically had larger heating elements, thicker insulation, and thicker or longer corrosion-fighting metal rods, referred to as anodes.

    Most higher-warranty gas heaters had bigger burners and better heat transfer for faster water heating, along with more anode material and thicker insulation. An exception: Whirlpool’s 40-gallon gas heaters, whose 9- and 12-year models are identical inside.

    Consider gas. Based on national average fuel costs, gas heaters cost roughly half as much to run as electric models and can pay for their higher up-front cost in as little as a year. Factor in the cost of running a gas line to your home if you don’t have one. Also consider adding insulation to hot-water pipes and the cold water pipe exiting the water heater.

    Tankless water heaters save energy by heating only the water you draw. Many factors will dictate the energy savings including how much and how often you use hot water. However, our recent tests of tankless water heaters show that while they are more energy-efficient than conventional water heaters, they are not necessarily more economical over the long run."

    (Consumer Reports Nov. 2007)
  6. Gary Swart

    Gary Swart In the Trades

    Sep 1, 2004
    Yakima WA
    In most areas, gas is much cheaper than electricity to heat water. It is faster so you don't need as large of a tank. I have use both, never again will I even consider electricity so long as gas is a possibility.
  7. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    Dec 15, 2007
    Service Plumber
    I install Bradford White Water Heaters...
  8. SewerRatz

    SewerRatz Illinois Licensed Plumber

    Nov 20, 2008
    Chicago Illinois Licensed Plumber
    Chicago, IL
    Bradford White is the way to go.
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