PVC Shower Liner transition at curbless shower

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    May 7, 2021
    Long story short, I have a PVC shower pan installed with the mortar bed installed over it. I ripped out my shower curb and plan to make it into a curbless shower. I would like to seam the shower pan to a fluid-applied waterproofing membrane I plan to install over the concrete in the remainder of the bathroom. The problem is how to transition from the PVC liner to the liquid membrane without the curb. What I have read so far leads me to believe nothing will stick to the PVC liner.
    I did read that liquid nails will stick to the liner, but what I am most concerned about is making the seam between the two waterproof and if I extend the liner out past the shower and over the concrete floor of the bathroom how can I tile over this if the thin-set will not stick?
    I am in a pickle and hoping there is a proven way out of this. I really don't want to re-do the liner and mortar bed if I don't have to. I thought perhaps I could anchor the flap of the PVC liner which previously ran up the curb to the concrete bathroom in the slight recess where the curb used to be. I would anchor it to the concrete in the recess using liquid nails and then install a Kurdi membrane over the flap of the PVC liner, but I don't know if they will bond together.
    Does anyone have a recommendation on how to terminate the already installed PVC liner, or bond a membrane to the face of it that will accept tile?
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    Kerdi won't bond to the PVC liner. IMHO, there isn't a good way to use a traditional PVC liner and to make a solid curbless shower.

    You might be able to get the Kerdi transition drain assembly, and then put Kerdi over the shower, but it is designed as a system, so you should then extend it up the walls. You'd have to redo at least some of the area around the drain to get the top of the clamping drain off to install the adapter and convert to the Kerdi Drain. Or, you might retain your clamping drain, use the 'divot' method that is sort of like a hat around the drain, then bond that to Kerdi for the rest of the surface of the shower pan. Ditra on the rest of the room outside of the shower would work, but if the floor is concrete, while not exactly standard, Kerdi out there would waterproof that. NOrmally, you don't need to waterproof outside of the shower, but depending on what you were planning for water containment in the shower (doors?), you may not need to extend it out into the room past the door. Schluter does have a flexible water dam that can be installed when doing the tile to help contain water.

    Probably the best source for help on building a shower is www.johnbridge.com
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