1. Newbuild

    Moisture barrier over hardiebacker board—help! New home build

    Hi, I recently bought my very first new build home and have experienced loads of issues and I am worried about my investment at this point. The tiling in the bathroom showers was not done by a tiling professional and I have concerns about The future health of what’s behind the tile given that...
  2. TheOverThinker

    Drywall / Coating shower renovation. 1950's

    Hmm. Consider this shower: This was apparently built between 1957 and 1966, but without the required City permits. It's now come to light with the authority having jurisdiction, and must be inspected to meet the 2019 California Residential Code. The City has no problem with the galvanized...
  3. Brian Kehlmeier

    Apprehensive about replacing my basement's interior drain tile

    I get leaking in several cracks in my basement's poured foundation walls. The sump pump has water draining to it and it works well. I received a quote for 126 feet of interior drain tile to be replaced is $12K. My current drain tile is white 3" PVC. Before replacing it, is it common for...
  4. Designbuild

    PVC Shower Liner transition at curbless shower

    Long story short, I have a PVC shower pan installed with the mortar bed installed over it. I ripped out my shower curb and plan to make it into a curbless shower. I would like to seam the shower pan to a fluid-applied waterproofing membrane I plan to install over the concrete in the remainder...
  5. Roveet

    Interior waterproofing around main drain

    As part of plans to finish my basement, I intend to do interior waterproofing along one wall of my 100-year old house. The problem is that the perimeter drain will intersect/cross the house's main drain, which enters the basement floor at the rear corner of the house and runs straight down the...
  6. Mer1

    Help! Hydro Ban patch over hot mop?

    I need your professional advice whether a Laticrete Hydro Ban patch in of a drain over hot mop will work. My contractor neglected to install my new drain in a high end Master Bath redo. When brought to his attention he drilled out the tile and the old drain. Installed the new (cast iron) drain...
  7. DIY DAD 2591

    how to waterproof gap between cbu and shower pan?

    Hi all, working on a bathroom gut and remodel. i have all but one more piece of cbu up and I'm almost ready to tape and mud the seams and apply redgard to the whole shower. my only question is what to do when it comes to the gap between the cement board and the shower pan nailing flange. in the...
  8. StephP

    Should I DIY a Shower Pan and Tile?

    Okay kids, get comfy; long story. Thank you in advance to anyone who gets through it and comments. I love you. September 2016: We move into our new house, built in 1952, remodeled extensively in 2008 by homeowner, a "soil engineer". Yep, we bought an engineer's house. First red flag. We did...
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