pump not running/turning on, contacts normal spark/voltage

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    Jun 28, 2008
    after getting bladder tank adjusted to right air pressure, and getting air out of tank and lines, during this whole process the pump wouldn't pump up to cutoff pressure, just kept clicking on and off, after about a min of this it finally cut off at 40, tank was full, opened a faucet, pressure bled down, pump cut on at 20 and started the pulsing again instead of running constant to the cutoff of 40 even with faucet open or closed. after bout a min or so and still doing it it shut off at about 30. noticed there was water on wall where pipe comes into basement, punched out some concrete and noticed crease in pipe with a leak. tried to get pump to go back on, was sparking from contacts and you can see the dimming of the lights from power going through.

    did the pump burn out from the pulsing, even before replacing all items the old pressure switch would do the pulsing thing but not as bad, and prior to getting tank adjusted right, the switch would cut on and off if faucet opened but shut off once faucet is closed, like pump was pushing more pressure then could come out so got to cut off and shut off, since no water in tank, go to cut in pressure quick and turned on. now water wasn't on in whole house and wasn't used, only for checking the new lines that was run for leaks, otherwise switch was off and no pressure in lines.

    hopefully it not a bad pump but knowing my luck it prolly is, didn't know if the hole in the intake line might have done someting or if there is a way to reset the pump or what.
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    Jul 15, 2005
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    It sounds like your Bladder tank is shot. Otherwise the Pump shouldn't be cycling like you described. Cycling is not good for a Motor.

    Apparently you had this problem before you started messing with the Tank, so that tells me the Tank was already Waterlogged. This may also mean you took out the Motor or possibly a Capacitor if you have a three wire Motor.

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