Pseudomonas bacteria in well water. Any help greatly appreciated. Sorry long read!

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Franklin, Indiana. Well and home about 25 years old. Property in the middle of corn fields out in the country. 4 bedroom 3 bath ranch with a pool.

Had used a simple water softener for 20 years with no problems. I had the health department check the water yearly. Family started to have odd rashes on skin. Spent many a day visiting different dermatologists trying to determine what this was. The consensus was eczema but we only got worse with multiple types of treatments. I eventually had some sores on my face (great) and a derm finally sent in a sample and determined it to be pseudomonas. We all felt like our water was to blame even after the health department found it safe with no bacteria. Sourced a lab that would do a complete test for other bacteria and after several weeks we had the results. No matter from what source I took a sample they all had the bacteria. We moved out and treated the well over several months only to continue with the same results.
I had alternated bleach and 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide to clean the well, pipes, faucets. The water looks so much better today (after several months) and we are waiting for the latest results from the lab.
During the last 6 months we spent looking for the problem with our skin we had used the water to clean everything. We have about 1800 square feet of hardwood floor that I could never get clean it always looked like a film was on the wood. I purchased several products that would kill pseudomonas and after several attempts on 2x2 squares of hardwood I believe we found success in killing and removing the bacteria. Have spent the last few months methodically cleaning or pitching everything in the house.

Regardless of what the lab report says I need to protect my family and property from this occurring again or eliminate this threat if its still there.
I have a 10 micron and a 1 micron filter with two UVC devices. Have not sourced a new water softener or any other type of chemical injection or?

Has anyone dealt with a situation like this? Any advice on what filtration or chemical injection we should look into?

On a side note. I shared my water report with my neighbors (all about 1/4 mile away). I had my well guy price moving the well about 100 yards away. Not sure if I would still be in the same water supply, he had no idea. I have had 4 different water companies come out and price filtration for me, none had heard of this bacteria. The city I live near has installed a chemical dam approx. half a mile from us. An old factory in the city had polluted the ground water with heavy metals. I have talked to the city, state, and the local water company. The all say the chemicals they used could not have gotten into our ground water and the heavy metal plume has stopped its march towards our neighborhood. I have the cut sheets and all the info from the products they used and the water contamination. As this time none of my neighbors have spoken up about any health or water issues. I pray they dont have any. State Farm offered no help. This has cost us dearly. We are one year not living in our home.


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Regardless of what the lab report says I need to protect my family and property from this occurring again or eliminate this threat if its still there.
I have a 10 micron and a 1 micron filter with two UVC devices.
I presume that your UV light is after at least one of your cartridge filters. You should sanitize all of the plumbing after your UV.

I think sanitizing your well is probably advantageous, even if you have UV. is my well and plumbing sanitizing write-up.

It is possible that your sampling technique was not ideal. For any bacteria test to be meaningful, you have to follow proper sampling techniques including sterilizing the faucet. If you care about the bacteria test results, care needs to be taken in sampling. There are variations on suggested sampling techniques, but they have some things in common:

These all describe methods to avoid contaminating the sample.
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