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    I recently helped a friend install a salt tank and a new pressure tank to her outside well. The existing pipe size was 3/4 inch pipe so I continued with that size. We changed most of the existing pipes and connections, we carefully made sure the pressure on the tank was at the recomended level. Now we checked it for more then a week and their were no leaks, or cracks in any of the pipes or connections. Then, she had work done by someone else, who keep saying we should of changed all the outside pipes to 1", even though the pipes under ground are 3/4". Also, he messed with our hose connection, and put a crack in the pipe that the hose was connected to, then without permission he said he filled the pressure tank with water and raised the pressure well above the reccomended level. After that one pipe started leaking slightly, he blamed it on us not using 1" pipes, then after several weeks the pipes were leaking all over to the point the well would not shut off, we need to refix everything, and wanted to know if using larger pipes would help even though the pipes under ground are smaller, and should the pressure tank be filled with water and the pressure be higher then the reccomended level.
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    Larger pipes will help with pressure at max flow, but probably not a big deal in your situation (one of the pros may comment/correct me!).

    The bladder tank must be set to 1-2# less than the turn-on point of the pump, and must be done with the pump off, a valve open to drain off any water under pressure. Raising the pressure will decrease the life of the tank, decrease the amount of water it will store, and disrupt the proper operation of the switch. Unless he added pressure above 80-100 pounds, it should not have created leaks, though. Sounds like the guy was a hack...
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    What in the world is a salt tank?

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