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    I have a device made by IDC on my air handler that has been working fine (and may still be!) since the 80's. On what may be the hottest day of the year, it's preventing the a/c from running. It monitors the incoming a/c for brownouts and intermittant noise and will shut things down until they've stabilized for a user selectable timeout (right now, it's set at 2-minutes). I checked the incoming voltage, and it's fine, but have nothing to check the noise. So, since it is going to get to nearly 100-degrees today, I bypassed it so the thing would turn on (and it did).

    Has anyone ever used one of these things? Is this a typical failure mode? Should I just bypass it permanently?

    The installer suggested it, and while I did not have him install one, I thought about it and did it myself shortly thereafter. It's primary thing is it prevents the thing from turning on until the power stabilizes after a power outage, but will also shut off if the brownout gets too severe. I thought that may have been what happened, but not with 241vac coming in, regardless of how accurate the meter is, that is well within range.

    Anyway, this happened overnight, when I noticed it was about 5-degrees hotter this morning and then went to investigate. I'd added a bunch of insulation earlier this spring, otherwise, it would have been a hothouse upstairs.

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