Possible changes to 248 CMR 10.00

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Apparently, there have been talks about changing MA plumbing code to the National plumbing code. Those who oppose to change (licensed plumbers) say the change will allow homeowners to pull their own plumbing permits and do their own work.

"There may be future efforts to displace 248 CMR 10.00, the Massachusetts Plumbing Code in favor of a National Plumbing Code, promoted by home builders and building officials but not supported by the Massachusetts plumbing industry."

I don't know what else this means.


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HJ, the plumbing union in MA is small, I've done commercial plumbing and been the only non-union shop there, we'd come in mornings and find our work sabotaged, we had to park at least a block away so our vehicles weren't damaged, that was 22 years ago.

On topic -

I got the Email from IAPMO, I highly doubt homeowners will be allowed to do their own plumbing in MA.

The board is considering adopting IPC, which, in theory, would allow MA plumbers to attain out of state licenses without redoing an apprenticeship.

As it stands, we can only do this with New Hampshire.

My primary concern is gas, many states require a separate gas license, my MA license covers both plumbing & gas - water heaters and boilers are a big chunk of my income.

While I can take the test in NH without an apprenticeship, I'd have to get two separate licenses to do what I now do with one.

The CMR 248, and the MA state board, prides itself on not being politicized, our code isn't written at the behest of manufacturers who make campaign contributions to the right candidates - this issue is important to me, the small guy often eats it when caught between corporate manufacturers and product defects.
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