Plumbing Quote for Master Bath Remodel - does this sound reasonable? (pic's inside)

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    Hello all, long time lurker first post. Amazing wealth of knowledge on this forum!

    We're remodeling our master bath. it's on the 2nd story of our 2 story home. I've done all the tear out you see in the pic's. I had a plumber over yesterday to quote the plumbing work necessary. He comes highly recommended, is licensed and has over 20 years experience. He did commercial plumbing before the economy went bust now he works for himself mainly residential work.

    Below are pic's to give you a rough idea of what we are having done. We were quoted $2500 for the work. This includes labor, all materials behind the walls and permit costs.

    I would appreciate any feedback on this cost estimate?

    Please note - the pic's were made by me based on our discussion as I understand he will do the work necessary to make our plans work. I can't say this is exactly how the bathroom will be plumbed.

    Here is a pic prior to demo to give an idea of the layout:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"/></a>

    You can see we had a Jacuzzi tub and shower stall. We now plan to build a shower stall approximately the size of the old jacuzzi tub and the area where the shower stall was will be a towel off area.

    Here are pic's post-demo:




    and here are the pic's modified with the proposed plumbing work:





    RED - existing plumbing no longer necessary and will be removed
    GREEN - 1/2" supply lines to be added
    BLUE - 2" drain to be added
    YELLOW - Route to tie in vent pipe
    PURPLE - shower fixture locations

    Another issue we always had was it takes a long time for hot water to reach this bathroom as it is on the far end of the house from the water heater. We have no basement so, I believe the hot water supply line runs through the slab acting as a heat soak. We discussed running a line back to the water heater (through the attic and down the wall where the water heater is located) and adding a recirculation pump. He quoted an additional $900 to do this (not including sheetrock/finish work I would take care of. He believed he could do the run with minimal intrusion).

    I've been researching recirculation pumps that mount under the vanity and tie in to existing plumbing. They seem to get favorable reviews. Here are two examples:


    My thought is to try one of these pumps as see how they work. Any comments on these vs. the whole house recirc system at $650 more plus finishing work required?

    May thanks for any replies.
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