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    Looks like you guys have about beat this dog to death. I'm going to drop in my 2 cents any way. I've been a licensed plumber for 12 years and have done lots of maintenance and DIY pretty much all of my life... that's 60 years. When I first came to this forum I immediately became addicted for quite a while. At first I was asking questions and just reading and consuming everything I could. I found oodles of tips and good info. Before long I was offering my knowledge & suggestions.... I had been a licensed plumber for quite a few years by then and still did not understand venting but thanks to Terry's drawings and a little hint here and there I have an excellent understanding of venting. The knowledge I've gained has covered many areas of construction/maintenance trades. I feel very confident that if I don't understand a problem on a job or proposed job that I can come here to get good information to make the job professional and safe. For sure, this site being here MAKES me money and does not cost me any business at all. I've butted heads a time or two but the fact is that I gained knowledge and don't have to beg for jobs. I've sent several DIY'ers to this site and there have been a few times that because of the site I picked up jobs and many good suggestions for developing my little business. Would I charge for my advice?... only if I had to drive to the job site...$1 per mile plus $1 per minute on the job.. and I'm cheap for most plumbers in this neck of the woods.
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    I think you may be correct.

    It died a few years ago.
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