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Discussion in 'Boiler Forum' started by Islander, Feb 15, 2013.

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    I have a newly installed Solo 60 that is propane fired and have been slowly tweaking the system. My ODR reading on the display is off about 8 degrees, for instance the display will state 44 and the actual outdoor temp of the sensor housing and shingles around it are 36 degrees. Is this something that can be adjusted and or should this be a warranty item? My second question is when a thermostat calls the circulators turn on and the zone valves take around a couple of minutes before they open. Is it ok for the circulator to attempt to pump against a closed zone valve? Thanks
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    If the unprotected areas of your sensor has any moisture then wind chill could come in to play.
    What are you measuring the temp with ?

    The real sensor is protected and Dry, Normally. It could normally read lower.

    Normally it is not good to block a pumps outlet completely unless it has a pressure cut off.

    If another zone is open then you should be OK.
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    As long as the pump doesn't run fast enough to cavitate, it won't hurt it as long as the inlet is full of water and the bearings don't run dry. This is one reason the expansion tank should be on the inlet side of the pump. Cavitation can be destructive, but a typical circulator won't be hurt by running against a blocked path since it doesn't run fast enough to cavitate.

    FWIW, my outside sensor seems to read very close to what I get on a normal thermometer. It may be the location of your sensor. I have mine underneath a deck which doesn't get any direct sun exposure and is out of the wind.

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