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I removed an old toilet with 12 inch rough in to replace it with a newer design. To my surprise, the closet flange was oval rather than round. I believe it is a Proplus 94848. (See attached photo.) Apparently it was used because the rough in was only about 11 inches. What is the best way to install the new toilet? I have thought of:

1) Using the standard provided wax ring and molding additional wax towards the end closest to the drain pipe/back wall that is just outside of the normal circle where the toilet bolts down. (It is on the right side of the photo.)
2) Using a Plastics Oddities BG7 No-Wax Gasket which is sometimes sold with the Proplus 94848 as a kit. (See attached photo.)
3) The BG7 no-wax gasket along with extra wax.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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There's more than one way to make an offset toilet flange, and the one you have is my least favorite! They can be quite useful when there's a joist in the way (poor planning!), or the wall didn't end up where it should (again, poor planning). But, that was long ago and you're stuck with it. Changing may or may not be a painless solution.

You probably will find patching together parts of two wax rings may give you the best seal. Keep in mind that the horn and recess where the toilet makes the seal to the flange IS round, and you don't want wax to intrude into the waste's pathway. Whomever thought that was a good design decision should be shot!

The preferred shape of an offset flange still is round at the top and has no shelf where things can get hung up. What you have can force the waste to make an abrupt change of direction, and sometimes things aren't soft or short enough to do it. It can affect flushing performance.

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Jeff H Young

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Never used a "no Wax" but used many a offset flange a flange is a flange until I saw this one! Ground floor Id run with it no problem and in this case Id give the bg7 a whirl probebly without the wax but I would evaluate I think your good.
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