toilet flange

  1. oldVermonter

    Toilet flange problem

    First, thanks to everyone for the wonderful info you provide. I have learned so much from reading your discussions over the past few years. And thanks to Terry's family for keeping his legacy alive. Background: -I am replacing a 20-odd-years-old Kohler toilet (2F of a wood frame house) with a...
  2. Paul E.

    Raising Brass Closet Flange in Concrete

    Hey y'all, I am looking for some advice on how best to raise a recessed closet flange. I releveled the bathroom floors, and need to raise the existing brass closet flange up 3/4" of an inch. Raising it 3/4" of an inch will put the new closet flange on top of the new flooring. The existing...

    Toilet flange too high?

    I recently remodeled our master and tore out a very thick mud base tile floor. I am concerned that my old flange may be sitting too high for installing the kholer skirted toilet we selected. The skirted toilet flange would be floating in the back which I could shim but not sure that’s how they...
  4. BlueArcher

    Toilet Flange

    Working on a bathroom remodel, and I had some professional plumbers do most of the rough-in work. They seem to have done a decent job but for other reasons I won't get in to, I had to remove them from the job. Now I have the task of trying to finish things myself and I am coming up on a dilemma...
  5. Paul E.

    Water Testing - Sealing Toilet Flange in Slab

    Hey y'all. I have a brass toilet flange set into a concrete slab that I need to seal off in order to water test my drain lines. I have a 4" gripper plug in there at the moment, but it looks like the lead(?) lining isn't going to seal to the plug tight enough. What can I do to make this setup...
  6. Plumbledon

    unexpected toilet flange waste pipe connection

    DIY'er here, PVC toilet flange in basement was in very bad shape and could see it was a 4in flange with an inside coupling to waste line, at least that's what it looked like. Chipped out the flange and coupling hoping to duplicate the setup with a new parts. But what's down there is some kind of...
  7. PMA

    Toilet flange

    I am doing a bathroom remodel in an 1888 house and am having trouble figuring out the correct toilet flange. The big issue is that there is a steel beam which runs perpendicular to the 3" drain pipe, which limits how low the drain pipe can be placed. I have tried a 4" x 3" reducing closet elbow...
  8. Kurtjs86

    Cast iron question for powder room

    So I’m remodeling my powder room( my house was built in the 40’s) and the subfloor was bad by the toilet and the flange was cracked. I tore out the floor and was going to use an expandable flange but I’m just not sure how serviceable the cast iron is. I was going to cut it right past the elbow...
  9. Kurtjs86

    Cast iron question for powder room

    So I’m remodeling my powder room( my house was built in the 40’s) and the subfloor was bad by the toilet and the flange was cracked. I tore out the floor and was going to use an expandable flange but I’m just not sure how serviceable the cast iron is. I was going to cut it right past the elbow...
  10. Carlos Ortega

    Tile installed over the toilet flange

    Hi! I recently had my floor tiled over the old tile. When my tiler did the downstairs bathroom, he laid the thinset and tiled over the toilet flange. I'm having a hard time now finding a way to put in a new flange. The new tile sits about 2 inches above the old flange. See pics attached. Is...
  11. Zack Posz

    Insanely Corroded Toilet Flange

    Hello, This is my first time replacing a toilet. We just moved in to this house as well. When I removed the toilet the flange and the bolts were extremely corroded. The picture below was after I was waling on it with a hammer to knock all the corrosion free. There was easily a few mm build up...
  12. Bill Murphy

    Drilling hole for Closet Flange

    I am moving a toilet and putting in a tile floor. The new flange hole will need to go through porcelain tile, then hardibacker, then subfloor. Will my Diamond hole saw go through all three types of material?
  13. RichardD

    How to prepare toilet flange

    I'm updating a tiny bathroom by myself, never done it before. My plan is to put new vinyl flooring over the 2 layers that are already there and then have a professional plumber install the new toilet. My question is what should I do or not do around the toilet flange to make it easy for the...
  14. davetrouble

    PVC toilet flange to fit on the outside of a 3" PVC hub fitting?

    I am replacing a toilet flange for a 3" PVC hub fitting. I understand that one option is a PVC 3" spigot flange that is designed to fit inside a 3" PVC hub fitting. But it also occurred to me that a PVC 4" spigot flange that is designed to fit inside a 4" PVC hub fitting might also fit on the...
  15. Bryan P

    Toilet flange advice

    Hello, I'm new on the forums, I just bought a house though so likely will be on here more in the future. I hope this is the right place to ask this. The situation is we bought a house, and knew one of the toilets was cracked. We turned off the water to it right away and emptied it and removed it...
  16. Jon Wyner

    Non Standard Offset Closet Flange

    I removed an old toilet with 12 inch rough in to replace it with a newer design. To my surprise, the closet flange was oval rather than round. I believe it is a Proplus 94848. (See attached photo.) Apparently it was used because the rough in was only about 11 inches. What is the best way to...
  17. Girafdaniels

    Toilet Flange Install (without much exposed pipe)

    I’m getting ready to install a new tile floor in the bathroom I’ve been renovating, and making toilet flange considerations before hand. When I moved the toilet location, I installed a 3 inch 90 elbow instead of a 4 inch to 3 inch closet elbow (which I didn’t yet know existed!). I knew that I...
  18. Alogan22_99

    Toilet drain pipe is odd ball sized

    The drain flange that the toilet ties down to was broken. I couldn’t find a replacement that would fit onto the existing fitting so I dug down and cut the old one off. The problem is that the drain pipe itself is an odd ball size. The ID is 3” and the OD is 3 7/8”. No flange assembly that Home...
  19. J Van

    Toilet Flange won't go all the way in drain pipe

    I'm installing a toilet in a bathroom basement. The drain pipe is 4" and the flange is designed to fit inside it. I cut the drain pipe flush with the floor. I dry fit the flange about half way, pulled it out and primed/glued it back in only it wouldn't go all the way down. It sat about 1/2"...
  20. jbg_diy

    Sioux Chief 887-GPM PushTite

    I’m curious if anyone has used the Sioux Chief 887-GPM Push Tite in cast iron. I’ve seen pictures of the actual product with a sticker saying it can be used in CI but their tech sheet online says its for schedule 40 DWV pipe. Picture added by Terry Love
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