Advice Needed for Oval Offset Closet Flange Repair

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Trying to sell my home and doing some DIY for a toilet my wife noticed was leaking. When I pulled it up, I noticed the wax ring was deformed on the left side. Whoever put in this flange unit jerry-rigged the left side to hold a bolt using a galvanized steel pipe hangar strap with a bolt run through one of the holes( hangar strap example). That part was all rusted out and bent. The right side bolt is also bad with a crack.

On top of that, I seem to have inherited a Jones-Stephens Oval Offset Flange. I don't know why the plumber used this the way he did. The toilet I pulled up is a round, 1986 Kohler Wellworth. Notice in the photo the stain on the floor. The whole thing is off-center towards the left. At least others' photos of their oval offset flanges seemed symmetrical in relation to the toilet orientation, and they were able to use the bolt slots to the left and right, unlike how it was done on mine.

I'm not sure how to approach this. Should I cut it out and use a better version of an offset flange, or should I use a stainless steel repair ring/parts of a ring?

I appreciate the collective wisdom here. Hopefully, there's a solution that can work for this situation.

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