No well water after freeze.

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Hello forum.
This is my first time under a well pump incident and I hope I get guidance troubleshooting the well water supply to the house.
For about a week everything froze around my house and water supply was shut.
Few days now it appears everything is thawed but my pump wont operate as it used to.
Here is what happens.
I turn off the power to the pump house leaving all faucets on till all water is gone.
I measure the pressure of the tank and it shows zero.
The pressure gauge next to the switch shows 100 psi (with power off) . I think the gauge is broken cause the needle appears on the opposite direction of where I think it should be. I turn power on and turn the switch lever and the pump starts. But the switch goes on/off every few seconds.
The gauge needle starts moving clockwise from 100 towards the 0 but gets stuck right there at 0. I think it cannot move forward towards 10+ because it hits a stopper spike next to 0.
Within few seconds I see the water hose from a faucet out in the yard coming out with similar pressure before the freeze but inside the house pressure is low.
I measure the tank pressure valve and it shoots up to 200psi plus.
One other thing is that when i power on and turn the switch lever I hear a clicking sound from the tank for few seconds.
I hope I described the problem with enough clarity.
Can you please provide any solution or troubleshooting points?
Thanks in advance.


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Replace the pressure gauge, and continue. You could temporarily use a garden hose thread pressure gauge hooked to the drain valve at the pressure tank.

"I measure the pressure of the tank and it shows zero."

Air or water pressure?

"I measure the tank pressure valve and it shoots up to 200psi plus."

Air or water pressure?
Hey, wait a minute.

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